‘3 top tips to get maximum impact from your exhibition stand

by Anna Giles

During my time with EASY’E I have had the privilege of being part of over 1500 exhibitor journeys, from initial concept, through design and manufacture to completion. From the experience I have gained I believe there are three main influencing considerations to stand design that will either help or hinder exhibitors in reaching their event objectives.

Be bold with your branding

Getting noticed is important but getting your brand to resonate with visitors is what creates real return on investment. Eye catching colours combined with creative designs will offer impact, but what do they tell your exhibitors about your brand? Focusing on the core values of your business or choosing just a couple of your key services to visually promote, will enable you to reach your target audience more effectively.

Understandably, there will be much you want to say within your branding but too much detail will dilute your impact. Billboards have a six second rule when it comes to design, any text has to be easily read within 6 seconds and as such 6-8 is the recommended word count. Although you can afford to increase this count within an exhibition it’s important to focus on fewer key words, as this will bring clarity for visitors and will act as a beacon to your target market.

Set the stage

Whether you’re looking for a high turnover of visitors or longer, more intimate interactions, your stand design and choice of furniture need to match your objectives.

Humans are heavily influenced by our environment, position someone next to a comfy sofa in the middle of a busy exhibition hall and you can guarantee they will sit in it. Exchange this for a funky modern chair shaped like a shoe and they will probably admire it as they walk past. If you want to grab peoples attention for short exchanges then focal pieces with wow factor are a great conversation starter and with nowhere comfortable to sit you’ll be able to close a conversation and move on to the next visitor without any awkward ‘would you mind sitting somewhere else whilst you wait for your taxi’ conversations. Stands designed for high turnover should be open, uncluttered and easily accessible from all angles available.

If you’re looking for longer engagements to develop deeper relationships then comfort and privacy should be top of your list. Well-considered stand design can create a sense of privacy that supports candid conversations with neutral, comfortable furniture that feels familiar being most inviting for guests. Low furniture promotes higher levels of commitment to your meetings and longer interactions but is not as inviting for visitors who are yet to appreciate the value in exploring your products, simple stools toward the front of your stand however are the perfect invitation for less committed visitors.

Tell your story

The secret to both b2b and consumer sales is your story. With endless options available at the click of a mouse, it’s our stories that sell our brands.

Your ability to engage your visitors in your story will be the biggest influencing factor in the impact of your exhibition experience.

Not all stories are found in a book, they are told in many different ways, shared across many different platforms. Understanding your company’s story is key to understanding how it is best shared. Sharing dynamic media via integrated screens or LED walls is a popular choice and rightly so, it’s high impact and received with little resistance. As much as this powerful tool can be transformational for brand engagement, it has to work for your story.

If your brand has been developed from a foundation of personal services tailored to individual needs then this story is best told in person, through your exhibition team. Ensuring your team understands the true value of your offering and the story of its development is vital to creating meaningful connections. To support this personal experience your stand should be designed to offer multiple interaction points for hosting visitors as individuals, additional structures are a great way to break up your space giving clearly defined areas for engagement.

Our intelligent exhibiting range has been created around these three key elements, with prepackaged stands designed to fit your priorities.
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