by Anna Giles

Everyone involved in the events world knows space is a premium.

Endless hours of design time is spent on creating the optimum floor-plan, turning an expense into a revenue opportunity by reselling the space in bite size prices, but one key area is often left out in the cold.

Rarely considered with the same critical eye and creative flair are the access routes your visitors will be passing through. As an industry we continue to underestimate the impact of brand promotion in the spaces between main event areas, when planning event space.

Utilising walk ways and entrances for brand promotion is a brilliant way to improve the overall look of your event, create an immersive experience for visitors and, perhaps most importantly, improve your sponsorship and resale opportunities.

At the Leaders in Sport Business Summit the team continue to demonstrate the importance of bringing all elements of the event together, with feature areas created in the access routes between event rooms.

Pictured below is one example of this, an awards gallery we built in one of the main access routes. A point of interest for visitors passing by but also providing a quieter platform away from the very busy main expo, to allow guests to take time to read the contents and watch the media being shared.

With the bright natural light and great views providing the back drop, it made a refreshing change from the intensity of the busy hall and encouraged contemplation.

The gently sweeping shape allowed traffic to pass naturally without any obstruction, which is a key consideration when utilising walk ways.

When planning your next project consider the spaces and opportunities that you may have over looked, go through the physical journey your visitors will take and look for untapped potential that may be hiding in plain sight.

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